Adjustable Reamers

McCrosky Adjustable Reamers are known throughout North America for free-cutting and high-finish reaming. McCrosky reamers are easily re-grindable for years of low-cost performance.

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Adjustable Reamers

Advantages of McCrosky Reamers

McCrosky Adjustable Reamers are the practical, shop-proven tools for accurate and economical reaming. McCrosky reamers have a nationally recognized pin and screw blade locking device, left hand spiral mounting of the blades, and many other distinctive features.

They cut freely without chatter, avoid any tendency to dig in, and produce absolutely round, concentric holes with high finish. McCrosky reamers produce more pieces of better quality, in shorter time at lower cost.

McCrosky reamers are furnished:

Time-tested pin-and-screw blade-locking device

The pin-and-screw locking design, available only in McCrosky reamers, holds the blades firmly against the bottom and back of the blade slot ensuring rigidity, easy adjustment and maximum performance under all conditions of operation.

Tightening the screw distributes the locking pressure along the entire length of the blade, forcing the blade to the bottom and back of the blade slot. Since the pin-and-screw lock is located in front rather than behind the cutting edge, the locking pressure works with not against the cutting thrust. That is, the action of cutting increases the pressure of the lock and the rigidity with which the blades are held producing the effect of reaming with a solid reamer. This desirable effect is achieved even when the blade is in a fully extended position, thus permitting the blades of these reamers to be re-ground and used many times over before re-blading is necessary, keeping purchases of new blades to a minimum.

Blade slots in chucking and shell reamers are milled on a left hand spiral angle and located slightly behind center. This design gives the blades positive rake and makes them free cutting, producing the round, accurate, concentric holes and high finish.

These reamers perform equally well on through holes and blind holes or against a shoulder.

Quick, accurate uniform blade adjustment

Easy, quick and accurate adjustment of the blades for regrinding is another outstanding advantage of the McCrosky design. A minimum amount of blade stock is lost when regrinding, a particular advantage when carbide-tipped blades are used. Tips and complete instructions about blade adjustment, regrinding, grinds best suited for different work conditions, and other helpful suggestions can be downloaded .